Public Discourse

Bahá’ís are encouraged to participate in the life of society, as neighbours and members of their communities, and as professionals in their field of work. This involvement often includes joining discussions about the issues of the day, such as those related to poverty, the advancement of women, the environment, governance, and the role of religion in society. Bahá’ís welcome opportunities to engage in conversations to share insights from their teachings and their experience in applying them to the betterment of their communities and professions.

At an official level, the Bahá’í Community of Canada participates in national public discourses as a member of Canadian civil society. Its representatives are active in supporting the advancement of a number of national discourses on themes that include the role of religion in society, youth empowerment, the advancement of women, Aboriginal affairs, human rights, social and sustainable development, social cohesion, and poverty.

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The Bahá’í Community of Canada seeks to distinguish its public role by an ethic of non-partisanship and a commitment to the application of spiritual principles to the promotion of social welfare.